As a Graduate Teaching Assistant on a BSc Psychology course at King’s College London, I lead practical classes and small-group seminars, both face-to-face and online. I contribute to the assessment of students’ work, including essays, reports, and problem sheets, focusing on identifying strengths and weaknesses in the students’ work and offering constructive feedback.

I have contributed to the delivery of the following modules:

Contemporary Issues in Neuroscience (BSc Psychology, Year 2)
Teaching and marking

Spring 2019 – present

Psychology and the Brain (BSc Psychology, Year 1)
Teaching and marking

Autumn 2018 – present

Inspirational Research (BSc Psychology, Year 1)

Autumn 2018 – Spring 2019

Research Methods (BSc Psychology, Year 1)

Spring 2018 – Summer 2019

Additionally, together with the RIOT Science Club and Dr Matt Wall I organise and host free, open-to-all workshops on fMRI methods.

Introduction to fMRI analysis:

Introduction to resting-state fMRI: